2020 Accessory Trends You Should Know

With every year, there are new accessory trends that can help you take your outfit to a whole other level. From Wolbar briefs to hot headbands, we will now take a closer look at the accessory trends that will make it big in 2020.

Statement Watches

There is nothing more beautiful than a statement watch as it oozes elegance and style. In the 2020 season, watches with traditional faces will make a comeback as well as watches with circular faces that have been worn by Emili Sindlev and Georgia Fowler.

As for the early adopters of this particular watch trend, the watchmaker Longines has watches that showcase contemporary styles mixed with traditional styles. In particular, the Longines has a watch called the Conquest Classic that has a very masculine look while maintaining a feminine air that is loaded with 36 diamonds. This is the watch to pair with a smart white shirt or even short dresses for parties.

Instead of thinking of your watch as just being a watch, you should think of it as a show-stopping timepiece. The Conquest Classic is a piece that won’t ever go out of style and is a true tribute to the values of the Longines brand which includes high performance, class and tradition.

Pouch Bags

Next, in July’s fashion week, the pouch bag made a comeback as well, which is truly surprising. The pouch bag is a highly functional accessory that you can see on just about everyone on the street and on models at the September fashion week. The most beautiful pouch bags include Bottega Veneta’s leather bag and MM6 Maison Margiela’s quilted pouch bag.

In addition to the mini pouch bag trend, we are now seeing oversized versions becoming more popular and being showcased by designers like Jacquemus. These allow you to hold a lot more than just your smartphone and it is best that you choose a neutral coloured bag so that it can pair well with most outfits.


The next accessory that was seen in the September fashion show is the headband. It’s been about a year since Prada came out with its plush headband and as a result of this, it has now become a fashion staple for most fashionistas. Many famous tastemakers have been seen donning these headbands which include Veronika Heilbrunner, Leonie Hanne and Patricia Manfield.

The headband is certainly quite the feminine accessory and it comes in a range of materials such as velvet, sequined, satin etc. It is basically like the new and improved hair clip and if you are a minimalist, then you will love to wear one of Prada’s silk headbands. So, if you want an accessory that truly makes a statement but you don’t want to wear the typical large necklaces or earrings, then you should consider wearing faux pearl headbands designed by Jennifer Behr.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearls were once an old and traditional form of jewellery, but no more. Now, young designers are making pearl jewellery pieces that are quite coveted. They are using pearls in modern ways such as Brinker & Eliza and Alighieri’s pearl necklaces.

Cowboy Boots

Lastly, cowboy boots are back in style but with a twist. Now, they come in two-toned patterns, intricately designed heels as well as in floral patterns.

You no longer need to wait until its winter to wear these as they are now made and designed for summer and spring clothing. You can wear them with denim jeans, maxi dresses, sundresses and more. So, instead of opting for your typical sneakers, you can wear these new cowboy boots that are certainly made for walking.