4 Reasons to Choose Professional Pet Boarding Service While On Vacation

Surprisingly, there can be a lot of stress involved with a vacation, even if you don’t plan to travel very far from your permanent residence. Planning, packing, and finally getting out the front door alone can all be a big ordeal, and you might not even have considered what to do with your pets during your vacation. Will you ask a friend to check on them while you’re away? Do you have any family members who wouldn’t mind looking after them? Or, will you have to explore other options? If so, you should know that boarding pets with a reputable company is a great way to guarantee that they are safe and well cared for while you enjoy your vacation. Finding dog sitters in Tamworth or cat carers in Maidstone is easy. Featured below are four reasons why boarding your pets while you’re away is advantageous:

#1 Safe

Regardless of anything else, your pets’ safety is going to be one of the most important things to consider while you are on vacation. You want to be sure that your furry friends are kept safe and secure while you’re away. This means that they cannot escape or get trapped in heat or cold and that they are always being monitored and kept out of harm’s way. Plus, when you have a friend or family member checking up on your pets, they may feel uncomfortable checking all areas of your home for any things that your pet has opened, chewed or gotten into while you’re away. And, they might only have time to check on your pet once a day, which can mean your pets will be spending a long time unsupervised during which they could get hurt. When you use pet boarding services, you will know that your pets are being kept safe from harm’s way for the duration of your vacation.

#2 Food & Water

While you’re away, if you have someone calling into your home to check on your pets, your pets can often get upset and knock over their water bowls and food bowls, leaving them without food and water for long periods. For some types of pets, a lack of continuous access to food and water can result in serious health issues, if their metabolism requires them to eat regularly. If someone you trust is only checking up on your pets once a day, they could end up spending more than 23 hours with any food or water. With pet boarding services, there will always be someone watching your pet and making sure they have access to fresh food and water.

#3 Regular Experience

When you’re away on vacation, you are going to want to make sure your pets get enough exercise. No playtime and no walks will leave your pets restless when they home alone. By taking your pet to a pet boarding facility, you can be sure that the operators will give your pet as much exercise as they need each day. Since your pets get to have playtime and exercise time in a boarding house, they are going to be much happier while you are on vacation.

#4 Health Issues

If your pet has any health problems, they will often need round-the-clock care. Some pets require medication several times a day and others may need to have medicated creams applied every few hours or require someone checking to make sure they’re doing okay more often than just once a day. When you take your furry friends to a pet boarding house, you can rest assured that someone will be constantly around to give them any required medications and to provide any other health care that they need to stay healthy.

Whatever the length of your vacation, availing of pet boarding services is a good idea. Boarding facilities provide your pet with quality oversight, giving you peace of mind, as you know your pets are being well looked after by caring professionals.