6 Points That Put Nannying Ahead of Office Work

Did you know nannies have some of the highest job satisfaction figures in the UK? I’ve talked to lots of people who are fascinated to hear about my job and how much I enjoy it. I truly can’t think of an alternative career I’d enjoy more. Here are 6 things about nannying that puts it far ahead of office work for me:

1) Every Day Offers Something New

If you’re working in a typical office, your day is frightfully regimented. You punch the clock at the same time, sit down at the same desk, and labour away at the same tasks. There is an overall routine to nannying work, but the sheer variety of different approaches lends the job endless novelty. On a day with fine weather, we may be escorting our children to the zoo, while the next, rain may have us doing indoor crafts all day. Every day delivers a fresh challenge.

2) You Never Have to Deal With Micromanagement

As a general rule, securing parents’ trust is a prerequisite that comes at the very beginning of the assignment. Once you have their confidence, you get the responsibility to complete all your daily tasks on your own. This is a heavy charge, but it also offers a tremendous advantage over office work. Barring the rare circumstance where one or both parents might spend the day at home while you work, you are generally free of the stress caused by a boss looming over your shoulder. You are on your own, and that’s exactly how good nannies like it.

3) Nannying Combines Well With Caring For Your Own Children

While I don’t have children of my own to worry about, I have plenty of nanny friends who take full advantage of their ability to bring their children along with them while they work. Do note that some parent-employers dislike this idea, but others appreciate it. Parents that are in favour like the fact that it gives their children opportunities to socialise outside the family.

4) Dressing Down is a Great Relief

If you’ve held any full-time job, you’ve run into one of those days where you’d rather just stay in your pyjamas. I’ve certainly experienced that sensation myself. I’m personally very grateful that my job gives me a lot of flexibility in choosing my day-to-day clothes. I’ve completed more days of work than I can count with my hair up in a ponytail and wearing my favourite yoga pants. If you want to — and your clients are amenable — you can turn every workday into casual Friday. Shorts in the summer, jeans anytime; nannying certainly offers you more clothing options than an office with a strict dress code.

5) Nannying Pays Better Than Entry-Level Office Work

While I wanted to take a wider view in this article than simply comparing salaries, the financial benefits of nannying shouldn’t be ignored. Pay is not my top priority, but I know many nannies who rate it very highly. Before striking out on my own as a nanny, I worked in a daycare centre. I felt consistently underpaid and under-appreciated, and those feelings were a large part of my motivation for wanting to be on the nanny payroll. Today, I have friends slaving away in offices, including at some of the nation’s leading firms, whose earning potential is much less than mine.

6) Good Nannies Enjoy Tremendous Job Security

Childcare and education are industries that are never going away; as long as the world spins along, there will be parents who need nannies. Even in the most austere economic times, there are plenty of families seeking reliable childcare assistance. It can take some time to strike a great match between nannies and clients, but it will happen sooner or later if you maintain your dedication. I have school friends who spent years earning professional degrees who are utterly unable to find a position while my nanny career rolls along with no hardship in sight.