Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Whether it is business or leisure travel, alone or with family, serviced apartments can come with several benefits.


When you stay in serviced apartments in Reading, you will have enough room to work, relax, cook, and sleep, and you can expect to get 30% more space compared to a standard hotel. If you get a one-bedroom serviced apartment, then you are going to have about twice the average space of a hotel room.

Value and Savings on Long Stays

You pay about 20% less when you choose a serviced apartment over a hotel room of the same standard. You don’t have to pay for hidden extras (room service, mini-bars, etc.). If you are staying for 28 nights or more, VAT is going to reduce to 4%, which can save you a lot of money. Many providers out there usually accommodate bookings for long-term bookings, which are usually needed Monday to Friday so they can meet the needs of their corporate guests, and this can help you save even more.


Serviced apartments are usually in good locations. You can find them in major cities across the world. They are usually situated in tourist destinations and areas that are close to the business districts, and they do this to make sure they can meet the needs of different groups.


You have the freedom of coming in and going out any time you want, which ensures you can do things following your schedule. The fact that they come as an apartment means you can do your cooking and work whenever you feel like doing so. You also have enough space to entertain your guests or even have meetings in a private space any time you want.

Cooking and Washing Facilities

It is cost-effective and convenient to have your own kitchen space, especially if you are following a given diet. You have the option of catering for yourself. Serviced apartments usually have communal laundries, but most of them have individual washer and dryers. You can do your laundry, which saves you a lot of money.

Additional Facilities and Services

If you are interested in facilities like pools, gyms, restaurants, concierge, or bars, you need to look for a serviced property that offers the facilities you need, which most do. These rival the ones provided by hotels. Serviced apartments provide you with a better alternative.

Additional Services

Many properties give their clients the chance of ordering bespoke hampers or welcome packs when you arrive and also shopping services where you can choose goods that you want to be delivered. Instead of spending a lot of money on the in-room mini bar, you can just buy whatever drink or snack you want.


Some people like dismissing apartments as box rooms. There is a wide range of options when it comes to apartments, from budget to luxury, with top-quality furnishings and plush interiors. These apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen, high-quality towels and toiletries, and quality bed linen. Many of them offer first-class home entertainment like Sky TV and entertainment packages.

Free Wi-Fi

You will get free Wi-Fi as standard, unlike other accommodation types like hotels where you have to pay for internet services.

Meeting Spaces

You can host small business meetings in the space because there is a dining area in the apartment. Some providers offer onsite meeting rooms or help you with booking external space if you need.

Easy to Book

Providers have online booking facilities and you can see the apartments available online and book easily.


Serviced apartments offer a higher level of privacy. An apartment is going to give you the chance of bypassing the formalities and in many instances, you can just let yourself in and start feeling like you are home. There is the reduced maid service and this ensures your apartment is clean, while ensuring you have privacy without getting interrupted from time to time.


Serviced apartments are private and self-contained. They usually have 24-hour CCTV, secure entry, and security staff that works around the clock.

Home from Home

When you choose a serviced apartment, you will be getting a home experience even if you are away from home, which you cannot get when you choose a guest house or hotel. It provides you with flexibility whether you are travelling for business or leisure.