Sensory Garden Benefits

A sensory garden is the perfect way to improve the sensory development of people in your care. With summer not far away, creating a great outdoor space that allows the people in your care to explore their senses in a safe and fun filled environment just makes sense.

A sensory garden, such as the kind Treloar provides, is an outdoor garden environment that designed to stimulate the senses. You can use a combination of the landscape, the colours and aromas of flowers and plants coupled with a stimulating interactive sensory equipment to transform any outdoor space into a sensory garden to promote sensory play which is an excellent way to develop and improve the senses.

Benefits of a Sensory Garden

A sensory garden is an excellent place for a wide variety of people to explore their senses in a fun and safe environment. People with various sensory disorders can all take different positives from a sensory garden as can those that don’t have sensory condition. The key benefit is that they are all in a single location and are combinations as well as individual sensations they would normally not experience.

How Can You Create a Sensory Garden?

You need to create an environment that’s interactive, stimulating, and accessible for a wide variety of people of different abilities when looking to create a sensory garden. Here are some of the things that you should consider:

Think about the users since they will be people of different abilities and ages in the garden, which means that both the landscape and equipment have to be safe and accommodating to not prevent anybody from having a great time.

Make the journey round the sensory garden interesting – winding pathways tend to be more exciting than straight paths. It is, however, important to make it wide and easy enough for any users that might be in wheelchairs or those that use other kinds of walking aids to get around.

Use flowers and plants with interesting smells and colours to make your environment more appealing and attractive. Try to avoid anything that might cause harm to inquisitive guests.

Use fun and engaging sensory equipment that combines helpful developmental benefits with sensory stimulation. There’s a wide variety of options available, and different needs and environments will be suited to different equipment. For instance, some larger areas are capable of accommodating larger pieces of equipment and some people will be better suited to more active equipment compared to others.

Appeal to the younger generations with activities such as sand pit to allow them to use their creativity and energy.

Provide seating in the sensory garden. It will help those with limited mobility or less stamina for whatever reason to still seat and enjoy the environment.

If you would like to create the perfect sensory garden, the first port of call should be a professional. They will provide you with a wealth of experience when it comes to making high-quality custom sensory environments. We understand that the needs of different establishments will be different, which is why you should only trust a professional team to help create a customised solution for you.