The Top 5 Accessory Trends For 2020

Every season new accessory trends come out. This season is no different. Here are the most popular 2020 accessory trends you need to know about: Even gifts, statement pieces can be on trend such as a quirky thought for a present like a trophy cup.

Statement Timepieces

You can’t go wrong with a statement watch, which has a certain elegance and class to it. This season, traditional watch faces have made a major comeback. In fact, folk like Georgia Fowler are sporting them.

Long lines offers an array of timepieces, many of them balance design with contemporary details. This isn’t surprising because the brand has been one of the early adopters of the trend. You can’t go worth with the Conquest Classic watch, which has an appealing look to it or consider women’s driving gloves. Feel free to wear the watch with a party dress or with a white-crisp shirt.

You can wear this watch with virtually anything and everything. Many people complement their everyday outfit with this watch. The chances are you can too.

Pouch Bags

In July, the pouch bag made a big impact during fashion week and this proves it has some serious longevity. This carryall bag is highly functional and just about every street style star had one, and this includes Linda Tol, as well as Annabel Rosendahl. Two popular bags out there right now include the leather cloud clutch by Bottega Veneta and the puffy quilted pouch by MM6 Maison Margiela.

The designs may be over-sized, but they are an excellent substitute to the mini pouch bags. If you remember, Jacquemus and other designers made the smaller ones popular. Plus, these over-sized bags can hold much more than just your phone.


Another fixture in the September’s fashion show was the headband, the padded one to be more specific. If has been a year since the headpiece was given a makeover by Prada, and now it has become a staple in many fashion shows, as well as a beloved product by people such as Patricia Manfield and Leonie Hanne to name a few. It’s no secret why, as this accessory is available in many varieties.

Going into 202, you will want to get your hands on a headband. More specific, you’ll want one from Prada, as the brand has quite a selection of designs and colours to choose from. If you want to standout this season, then opt for the newer version of the headband.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are no longer associated with stuffy connotations. In fact, some of the most popular young designers have taken to them. This is evident because faux-pearls have rose to prominence this season.

Have a look at the pearls of today and you’ll be impressed with what you find. Some impressive brands have a great selection to choose from and this includes Brinker 7 Eliza, as well as Alighieri. Speaking of pearls, opt for either a necklace or pendant earrings, or both if you like.

Cowboy Boots

Finally, there are cowboy boots, but this time they have a twist. The update includes two tone patterns, as well as arty florals. Let’s not forget to mention sculptural heels are in too.

No longer designed solely to be worn during winter, cowboy boots can be worn all seasons. You can wear them in the summer and spring too. Feel free to wear them with anything from denim to dresses to formal outfits.