What Differentiates A Luxury Holiday From The Others

There is no discussion to be had. Luxury holidays are something we all dream of, but unfortunately, they often have a heavy price tag attached. In some cases, costs can seem extortionate when compared to those of budget holiday packages, but when you look more into what’s included in the price of a luxury holiday, the benefits often become priceless…


It doesn’t matter where you are looking to go — from idyllic St Lucia to blissful Santorini — upgrading your standard holiday to a luxury option can enable you to enjoy your destination in the way it’s meant to be experienced. When visiting a scenic location, you want the best accommodation, guidance, and service available to ensure your trip is magical.

What to Expect

A 5-star hotel offers 5-star accommodation. With luxury holiday packages, however, the luxury is subjective to the destination. You should be in awe from the moment you arrive at a luxury venue. Everything should wow you from the reception area to your room. Room upgrades will often surpass your wildest expectations, with added extras like rain forest showers, infinity pools, breath-taking views and high-class interiors, all of which are part of a luxury holiday package.

In addition to the hotel decor making you think you’re royalty, the exceptional service that accompanies a luxury trip is one of the biggest draws. Kota Kinabalu Diving is such an exquisite experience. Service for all holidays should be attentive, but with a luxury package, service personnel will be at your back and call 24/7 — and no request will be too big. Employees in 5-star hotels have expert training in how to ensure guests have a dream experience. It’s all part of providing the luxury package.

The Food and Choice of Cuisine

The meals you consume during a holiday can make or break your trip, and 5* hotels know how to put on a show in regards to fine cuisine. Whether you’re enjoying freshly-baked croissants, wild slalom and scrambled eggs, or cream cheese bagels; breakfast time is about getting your day started with a sumptuous morsel.

At dinnertime, you also have the opportunity of having top chefs impress you with their creative flair and exquisite dishes as you sample a selection of fine wines from an inspired collection.

Mealtimes at top-rated luxury hotels offer you the chance to excite your senses and tantalise your taste receptors in stunning surroundings. Such experiences may not be low cost, but your inner foodie will appreciate the culinary heaven.

Besides the amazing food selection provided, you’ll also get to enjoy a wide range of exclusive activities and entertainment. Sure, you might have been on a boat in the past, but have you ever experienced a sunset on-board a private cruise yacht? At best why not go luxury?

You might have sunbathed on golden sandy beaches before, but have you ever been treated to a romantic candlelit dinner by cascading waves?

Bespoke Experiences to Suit You and Yours

Exclusive, bespoke experiences are those added extras that create lasting memories from luxury trips, and concierges are generally always around to ensure your holiday is going as you dreamed about. A morning award-winning spa treatment, a place on a local cooking class or reservations at an exclusive local restaurant is always only a request away.

When you opt for a luxury holiday, you don’t have to worry about any hassle during the booking process. With hundreds of exquisite hotels to select from, in addition to finding connecting flight options from dozens of providers and arranging specific room requests, organising a holiday by yourself can be stressful. Luxury holiday providers give you a personalised booking service, which ensures all of your requirements are met.

What is on Offer

The combination of attentive personal service, incredible locations, mouth-watering cuisine and inspiring interiors results in a once in a lifetime experience. When it comes to exploring luxury travel options, prices might appear high, but the advantages can transcend the price tag. The only thing holding you back is your imagination…