What Is An MOT Test And Why Is It Important

The Ministry of Transport, or MOT for short, is a test that all vehicle owners must take. The MOT test is an inspection of vehicles over three years, and upon a successful examination a MOT certificate is given out. The certificate proves that a vehicle is legally roadworthy. With that said, read on to learn more about the test.

It Costs Money

There’s a fixed cost, and the price of the test is set by the government because the test is required by law. At the time of this writing, the price of the test is £54.85, and nobody can charge you more than that because it is illegal to do so. However, a discounted price is legal, so you can save money.

Many retailers allow you to take the test again if your vehicle doesn’t pass it. However, you typically have a certain period to retake it. If repairs exceed the time frame set by the retailer, then you’ll have to pay to retake the MOT test.

It’s Not the Same Service

The MOT test and a service are the same thing. Just because a car passes the test, it does not mean all the mechanical parts are in perfect condition.For instance its best to check out alloy wheel refurbishment Wokingham for possibilities of more to pay to keep up to date. The test is just a basic test to ensure the car can safely be operated, but it does not involve an expert looking at the internal working parts of a vehicle. During a service, checks on the transmission, engine and brakes are carried out, but this is not the case with the MOT test.

MOT might be a legal requirement, but you should still get your car serviced. Check your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications for how often you should have your car serviced. Furthermore, you should check the oil level, water level and the tyres on a weekly basis.

Minor Faults Can Result in Failing

It’s easy to overlook minor issues that can happen with your vehicle. However, minor issues can result in failing the MOT test. For instance, if your car’s front door handle is broken, then you can instantly fail the test. If your washer fluid doesn’t spray in an efficient and effective way, then your car will fail the test. These are a few examples of how minor issues can result in failing the MOT test.

Advisory Notices

These are issues that might not have caused the car to fail but are issues that should be looked at. If a car passes the test, an Advisory Notice might be included, but you shouldn’t ignore the list of problems on the notices. You should take care of the issues as soon as you can because if they became bigger problems, then your car could end up failing the next time you go for an MOT test.

You Have to Go to An Approved Centre

You have to go to a centre that is approved by DVSA, as shops that are DVSA approved are able to carry out the MOT test its as easy as HGV. An approved testing station has access to a database that contains info about your vehicle. The certificate you receive isn’t enough to prove that your car has passed the MOT, which is why the database was created.

If your MOT has expired, then don’t drive your car. You can be prosecuted if you’re caught driving a vehicle that is not legally roadworthy. Unless you’re driving the vehicle to an approved centre, then you should not drive the vehicle. Also, it’s a good idea to book an appointment with a centre prior to driving because there’s always the chance you’ll be stopped on your way to the garage.