Why Is The Need For Acoustic Consultants Growing?

Noise has become one of the fastest-growing environmental issues for society, and as the population densities continue to increase, the noise pollution also increases. When it comes to urbanised areas, noise pollution is already starting to threaten quality-of-life for many people. Having a noise survey in London can clarify the level of noise.

How To Solve Noise Issues

Solving the problem of noise-related problems necessitates a professional viewpoint and understanding of each different situation. With an increasing need for these types of experts, Sound Planning plays an important role in providing a solution for all architectural, commercial, and industrial noise issues.

To arrive at acceptable resolutions, it is vital to gain a thorough understanding when it comes to the “noise source”, the “sound’s path”, and the people that are affected by these noises. Controlling noise that is excessive is typically carried out on both the sound-path and the source to protect any people that are close by.

Noise Control Solutions

Discovering technical solutions to a noise issue usually requires current knowledge and an understanding of acoustics. Our team of specialists is all experienced and qualified professionals that are here to offer the ideal solution for noise control for all structures, regardless of size, outdoor and indoor.

Vibration is one of the main concerns and this is why larger machines should feature a design that ensures that they can operate as smoothly as possible. In industrial settings whereby excessive vibration could cause damages to the electronic components inside a system, sensitive equipment might need to be isolated so that they are adequately protected from vibrations.

The potential solutions to effectively reduce sound include acoustic enclosures, acoustic screens, acoustic louvres, and doors.

Acoustic enclosures feature designs that match up to the noise- reduction requirements set out by local authorities and are also made suitable for other applications like industrial equipment, AC units, fans, chillers, plant rooms, generators, and pumps.

Bespoke Designs

Our engineers will explain and discuss the individual requirements of each installation with every client, the contractor, and the local planning authority before CAD drawings are provided to assist with the overall planning process. We are also able to help with the entire design process, which includes additional developments and changes.

Sound Planning provides superior-quality bespoke enclosures to match up to the requirements of each client. Our standards are high which ensures that each of the bespoke enclosures appears as industrial looking or aesthetically pleasing as the client prefers. The bespoke enclosures that are designed to the exact needs of each client provide the ideal solution when it comes to excessive noises in areas such as engines and pumps, fuel systems and tanks, storage and lifting facilities, control rooms, and more.

Architectural Acoustics

Acoustic designers and consultants handle industrial and architectural acoustics, which covers the sounds around and in buildings of every type. The best designs ensure that sounds that are desirable are distributed efficiently and that the sounds that are undesirable are eliminated.

Many people know about the importance of achieving good acoustics for situations such as recording studios, concert halls, and theatres. Yet today, this same focus has fallen on classrooms, factories, offices, and even residential homes to ensure adequate acoustic environments. This is typically incorporated within the design of the building, which offers a far more cost-effective solution as opposed to having to make changes later on.

Sectors That Are Affected By Acoustics

As the public awareness that surrounds how important favourable acoustics are in buildings continues to increase, so does the requirements for acoustic designers and consultants for several fields that include:

– Industrial, environmental, and commercial
– Construction and demolition
– Justice, health, and education
– Entertainment, performing arts, and leisure
– Sound insulation testing
– Transportation