Why Should You Acquire an Electric Radiator Instead of a Portable Heater?

If you already have a radiator system installed in your home that is not providing optimal heating, you may be looking for an additional source of heating. Some of the reasons why the installed system  is not providing effective service may be because you have not yet installed double-glazed windows and your doors are not properly insulated. If you are thinking about an additional heating solution for your home, you may be considering a portable heater or an electric radiator system. This article will explore six top reasons why it is better to acquire an electric radiator.

1. You Will Be Covered in Case of Boiler Problems

Portable heaters may seem like a quick fix at first glance. After all, with a portable heater, you do not have to worry about installing a boiler and a central heating system. Without a doubt, portable heaters can come in handy especially when your boiler develops problems in the winter. However, electric radiators are more effective and affordable compared to portable heaters. On acquiring an electric radiator, you do not have to worry even if your boiler develops mechanical issues in the middle of winter. This is because they are powered by electricity meaning that you will get to stay warm and comfortable no matter the circumstances. Considering that nearly 18% of households experienced boiler issues which took around £787 million to repair in 2016, it is better to rely on the highly effective yet low-maintenance electric radiators.

2. Electric Radiators Offer Better Heat Distribution

Portable radiators can heat small spaces well and quickly. However, if you own a large home, you may find that portable heaters take too much to heat your rooms. If you own a large room and are looking for a quality and effective heating solution, it is better to rely on electric radiators as they are quick, efficient and consume less energy compared to portable heaters.

3. Electric Radiators Have a High Level of Energy Efficiency

In case your central heating system develops problems during the winter, portable heaters can be really useful. However, if you own a large house, portable heaters can be costly and impractical. This is because portable heaters distribute heat through panels heated by electricity or fans. Whatever the heating method used by the portable heater, they tend to take a lot of time to optimally heat a space and in the process, they use too much power which can lead to a higher power bill at the end of each month.

If you are looking for a heating solution that is highly energy-efficient, you cannot go wrong with an electric radiator. The best thing is that electric radiators come with a thermostat meaning that you can control the amount of heat in each room. Additionally, with an electric radiator, there is no wastage of energy since all the electricity used to power the appliance is converted into energy. This is unlike conventional boilers, where a lot of energy is lost during transmission. All things considered; electric radiators,  especially German electric radiators, are more efficient in all aspects. What’s more, they do not require technical expertise to set up and use.

4. You Get More Safety with Electric Radiators

Data from the British Fire Brigade shows that portable heaters rank among the top five causes of household fires. Each year, portable heaters cause several deaths and numerous fires in the UK. This is because they easily lead to fires, especially when they are operated close to flammable materials.

5. There Is No Risk of Gas Poisoning with Electric Radiators

If you are using electric radiators, there is no chance that you and your loved ones will be at the risk of getting carbon monoxide poisoning. With gas heaters and boilers, there is always the risk of gas leaks hence the need for regular maintenance. With an electric radiator, you will not need to regularly inspect pipes and carry out maintenance often. You will get the heating you need while keeping your entire family safe at the same time.

6. Electric Radiators Are Eco-Friendly

Given that electric radiators do not leave behind a carbon footprint, you get to protect the environment and your family by using these appliances. If you are looking for a green heating solution so as to protect the environment, you should go for an electric radiator.